Prolam Brands Wins Gold Award for 2014

Prolam Brands recognised for service excellence in the 2014 Australian Business Quality Awards

Strong focus on customer satisfaction leads Prolam Brands to win the Gold Award.

Prolam Brands, achieved the esteemed Australian Business Quality Award for successfully adhering to its high service standards and going beyond year, the Australian Business Quality Awards acknowledges enterprises that exhibit outstanding service levels as assessed by their customers. The organisation measures businesses against a range of internationally-recognised principles of best practice in customer service.

The Australian Business Quality Awards aim to raise the bar in customer service by encouraging businesses to be the best at what they do and rewarding those who excel in their respective fields. Open to any enterprise, regardless of its size and the nature of its business, the awards evaluate how effective an enterprise is in performing against its own and best practice customer service standards.

According to the organisation, “Customers always look for the best service, which positively impacts the business in various facets, from recall to word of mouth and repeat business that all affect the bottom line.

The awards not only give the business the recognition it deserves but also identify aspects that surpass customer expectations and those that have room for improvement.”

Providing a good indication of which businesses have strong customer satisfaction ratings, the Australian Business Quality Awards bestows the Bronze Award to enterprises that garner a score of 70% to 80%, the Silver Award for an 80% to 90% score, and the prestigious Gold Award for a score of 90% or higher.

A complete list of the winners is available at www.businessquality.com.au.

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