Prolam Brands’s 19th Year with QASSP

It’s Phil MacPhail your Audio Visual Business partner here!

I stood out front at the recent QASSP branch presidents meeting at Belise and was introduced to you all for the 19th time. I must say that that in itself is a stand out performance! Looking around the room I recognised just over half the group this year. You can imagine over my time with QASSP I have dealt with five QASSP Presidents, namely Tom Hardy, Tony McRuther, Norm Hart, Michael Fay and now Leslie Single. I have also seen a lot of members go into retirement, start their new role as a Principal and get transferred all around the state. I’m lucky to say that I have forged some really good friendships over the last 19 years. I am now hoping, with your continued support that we can make it to 20 years in 2019.

I would like to personally visit as many branches as possible this year, albeit that’s a big task. I would appreciate if you could advise me of your branch meeting schedules for this year so we can work together and bring along a lot of our new products for the group to see. We are now at the forefront of STEM and have many products which have been aligned to the Australian Curriculum to make it easier to purchase. Don’t forget your STEM grants need to be spent somewhere.

We are also conducting Conferences around the State on “how to create a STEM precinct in your school”. I can discuss holding one of these in your area if you are interested.

I really appreciate your support. Our financial contributions to QASSP are significant each year and on top of that, we support the QLD State School Education Community in many ways. So it is important that we work together to keep this alive. Our product range is more than current and presents as good or better than our competitors, none of which provide the financial support that we do to the QLD school community.

The enormous PRODUCT GIVEAWAY is on again at the State COMBINED CONFERENCE, later this year. You don’t have to wait to get into the draw so please communicate to your IT, Deputy and BSM’S as to who we are and stress how important it is to ensure we are included in  buying decisions. Unfortunately many members forget to do this. I can personally guarantee our products and their value, in which will stand up to any test. I have been doing this now for 21 years for our Schools.

All the best for 2018, it’s already moving too fast.


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