Interactive LED Touch Panels VS Interactive Whiteboards

With technology continually updating and changing it is fair to say we can all get a little overwhelmed with the options available on the market.

How do you decide what technology you need?

When do you upgrade your existing technology?

When it comes to efficiency, productivity and engagement levels. You really should consider integrating a Interactive LED touch panel into your classroom, meeting room or office environment.

Lets have a look at the comparisons between the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) technology and the new Interactive LED touch panel technology.

Interactive whiteboards were a fantastic piece of equipment when they launched. This was the beginning of interactive learning.  The level of student engagement increased as students were able to physically participate and interact with the teachers and the learning material on the whiteboard.

Fast forward to 2016 and the Interactive LED Touch Panel is well establish and started to take over the Interactive Technology market. These panels not only look the part, they don’t have the same ongoing costs of the IWB. For instance, an Interactive Whiteboard would require yearly bulb replacement, calibration, and filter cleaning making it more hands on for the teachers and IT departments at schools. Not to mention getting up on ladders and taking the machines down to fix and clean.

The anti-glare technology on the Interactive Touch panels allows teachers to teach in a well lit environment. As far as cleaning goes, you need a damp cloth to remove finger prints. That is all! Oh did I mention the IWB usually required the rooms to be blacked out to reduce glare?

The Interactive LED Touch Panels are as easy to use as your standard Televisions. Plug-in and play. There are various screen sizes available, wall mounts and electronic mobile trolleys. Making it easy for you to integrate this new smart technology into your environment.

Usually you will upgrade your technology when your existing products no longer perform they way they once did, or your current running costs exceed the outlay to purchase the latest technology.

We offer a TRADE UP program. Where you get a discount with your upgrade to a new Interactive LED Touch Panel and we take your old IWB off your hands, dismantle and dispose of in an environmentally conscious process.

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